Snapchat for PC (Windows 7/8,Mac)

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Snapchat is one of the few amazing photo-sharing applications. It is developed by Snapchat, Inc. Using Snapchat; you can click photos, add texts or captions and share them with your friends and family members. An amazing fact about using Snapchat is that the receiver can see the photographs for only 10 seconds and after that, your photos are gone forever. Yes, they get erased from the server’s memory.

Install Snapchat for PC Windows 7-8-MacThe only way they can keep your photo is by taking an instant screenshot. This makes it impossible for the receiver to save or see your photo for any longer. Hence, Snapchat is also the safest as well as the most fun way of sharing your instant clicks and share with your loved ones. Also, you can add pictures to your Snapchat story so that it stays there for the next 24 hours. This is a fun way of showing your pictures to a group of friends at the same time.

Snapchat is a new age application for staying in constant contact with our friends. Now it is possible to use Snapchat on your PC as well. All you need to do is download an app player known as Bluestacks. Go through this tutorial for downloading Snapchat for PC using Bluestacks.

Step- 1: downloading Bluestacks on PC

First of all, you need to install Bluestacks on your PC. There are two methods for installing Bluestacks for your PC. First one is the offline method (Bluestacks Offline Installer) and second one is the usual online method (Bluestacks installer for Windows and Mac) . The offline method is surely preferred over the other due to the fact that there are no restrictions on the internet connection in this case.

Step- 2: downloading Snapchat for PC

Now that you are done with installing Bluestacks, you can start downloading Snapchat for PC. Follow these easy steps to download and install Snapchat:

  • Open Bluestacks and go to the Search field.
  • Type “Snapchat” in this field.
  • Once you see the application, click on the install button.
  • After you click on the install button, the application will start downloading.
  • The installation starts automatically once the downloading finishes.
  • Once the installation is done, you are ready to go.


    • says

      Can you explain in more detail like.. you are having problem in installing bluestack or snapchat.. If snapchat then you can download snapchat apk and double click will be automatically installed in your PC

  1. Myles says

    I can open snapchat but it won’t run without some Google app. Which I can’t install because it says it’s incompatible with other user ID’s.

  2. Amelia says

    I downloaded BlueStacks and got snapchat, I took one picture, then it said Snapchat was unable to access the camera. Any ideas what to do?

  3. fanny sicart says

    comment faire pour telecharge snapchat sur un ordinateur merci de me repondre si vous avez reussi ou si vous s’avez comment faire merci d’avance

  4. mike says

    androidgalaxy this is by far the first time i have been able to find anything worth installing on my laptop that will run any app u can get on a phone i cant thank u enuf for designing it i hope u update it and make it even better :D

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