Install Android OS on Computer (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Do you know you can Install Android Operating System on Computer or PC  (Windows, Mac, Linux). There are many methods available in the market to install android on computer. Today I am going to illustrate one of easiest method using which it can be done in no time. To make it clear,  this is how it will work-> User downloads a framework and Android operating system is installed over that framework.

Framework which i am talking about is Virtual Machine from Oracle, Virtual Machine allows user to install multiple operating system on a single Operating System.Since Virtual Machine is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris, Android is compatible with most of PC’s and Computer all around the world.

Follow below Steps to Install Android OS on Computer or PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Installation process of different android version (ICS, Jelly bean) are all similar, only difference is the version of android you need to download from source.

Install Android OS on Computer or PC

  1. Download and install Virtual Machine on your computer, choose version depending upon your Operating System. for ex download VirtualBox 4.2.16 for Windows hosts for Windows Operating System.
  2. Download Android from below sources, I have tested using Android 4.0.4 but you can download and install other version like jelly bean.

3.  Extract Android 4.0.4 and double-click on VMLite-Android-v4.0.4.vbox and and click on start to install android on computer.It will take some time depending upon speed of your computer.

Install Android OS on PC or Computer (Windows, MAC, Linux)

Note: To install android 4.2 or android 4.3 on Computer  follow below steps

  1. Open Virtualbox and Select New from menu, Enter credentials and select  ->Type : Linux,Version : Other Linux
  2. Click next and enter minimum 1 GB space on RAM, 1GB space for hard disk (either dynamic allocation or fixed) and click next.
  3. Now goto Virtual Device and select setting a box will appear now goto Storage->Storage Tree->Empty and in the attribute section on the right side select android 4.2 or 4.3 iso you have downloaded, and check  Live CD/DVD and click ok.
  4. Start Virtual Machine and Select Android-x86 on Hard Disk,  next screen create/modify partitions.
  5. Create New bootable partition and select write and select quit after writing.
  6. Now install android 4.x on  sda1 , type as ext3 and install grub.
  7. Remove ISO from VirtualBox and reboot Virtual Box.
  8. Now you can boot to android operating system.

Alternate Method (Easy)

Simpler Android Emulator ANDYIf you don’t want to install Android using above suggested method or if above method is not working in your computer then you can try android emulator like Andy, Bluestacks etc. All android emulator will look similar to your android device but there functionality may differ. Follow below tutorial to Install Andy Android Emulator.


Andy is one of the best and easy to use android emulator with one click install and remote control support. You can use your smartphone to control racing games and other android games.

  1. Just goto official website of andy android emulator to download Andy.
  2. Click on the download button on landing page, It will automatically detect your system specification and start downloading of proper version of andy.
  3. Click on executable file after downloading, follow on screen instructions and install  games or app as if you do in your smartphone or tablet.

Features of Andy

  • Easy to install and freely available.
  • You can use your android device as a remote control while playing games, all you need to do is just install a remote control application on your smartphone.
  • It has multi-touch, ARM, camera, microphone support, developers support and much more features.

Now its time to enjoy world’s best and amazing operating system on computer. If you have any problem in installation please comment below with your problem.


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